Windows 12

Windows 12 Advanced Features that you don’t Know

  1. Dynamic Lock: automatically lock the PC in the absence of the user

The Windows 12 operating system can automatically lock the computer in the absence of a user at the workplace. This feature provides a function called Dynamic Lock. To determine the location of the owner of the PC, she uses a gadget connected via Bluetooth, whether it be a smartphone, a smart watch or a fitness bracelet. As soon as a user with a mobile device leaves the Bluetooth range, the OS automatically closes access to the computer for unauthorized persons. Everything ingenious is simple! Of course, Dynamic Lock cannot be classified as a reliable security tool, but for forgetful users, dynamic locking can be a good help in protecting your PC. We recommend not to leave this function without attention. Smart Lock feature is useful for forgetful users.

Windows 12

  1. 2. Quick access to system utilities and OS settings

Few novice users know that for the convenience of administering the computer, the “dozens” developers duplicated some of the controls in a separate menu, which is called up with the right mouse button on the “Start” button and looks like this: Menu for quick access to system utilities and settings of Windows 12. This menu contains all the arsenal necessary for configuring a PC: system applications, device manager, tools for managing disk partitions, network connections and power, the Windows console, as well as other useful utilities that can come in handy for performing various administrative tasks – from OS settings to troubleshooting problems arising in it.

3. Mobile hot spot: using a computer as a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot

The capabilities of Windows 12 allow you to use almost any laptop running dozens as a wireless Wi-Fi access point and thus organize collective Internet access for multiple devices. To solve this problem, in the OS settings, enable the Mobile Hot Spot function and enable sharing of the network connection with other devices. In order to save time, the system automatically sets the appropriate wireless network name and access password, which can be changed if desired. Up to 8-12 devices connected at same time. It is also possible to use not only Wi-Fi, but also Bluetooth to transfer traffic. Windows 12 added the useful Mobile Hot Spot tool, which allows you to distribute the Internet from your PC via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

  1. 4. Monitoring network traffic

Another useful feature of Windows 12, which not everyone knows about, is the ability to control the consumed traffic without using third-party tools. To enable the traffic counter, in the network connection settings, right-click on the “Data Usage” tab and select “Lock to the Start Screen”. Windows 12 lets you control data usage. As a result, a dynamic tile appears in the Start menu with information about the network appetites of the operating system and the software installed on the computer, which, in turn, can help avoid financial costs when using Internet tariffs with limited traffic. A mouse click on a tile with traffic consumption allows you to quickly switch to OS network settings

  1. Ransomware protection: protection against ransomware viruses

The built-in mechanisms of windows 12 allow you to build a reliable echelon of protection against malicious encryption programs that block access to data and require payment of a certain amount to return access to valuable information. We are talking about the Ransomware protection function, which protects user photos, work documents and other files from unauthorized changes. If you activate it, the file system “tens” will track the access of programs to the selected directories and prevent attempts by third-party applications to make any changes to their contents. In the settings for controlled access to folders, you can not only specify protected directories, but also define a list of trusted software. Folder Access Control Settings.

6. Captures: recording video from the screen

Well, the Captures function, which provides the ability to record video from the screen, completes our review (in the old days, you had to resort to third-party software solutions and even pay money for using them). To configure it, go to the “Games → Clips” menu. Here you can specify the location for storing video files, the maximum duration of the created videos, enable recording of sound and cursor, set the frequency of video frames, and play with other parameters. After completing the settings, it remains with the “Win ​​+ G” key combination to open the Xbox Game Bar and start the on-screen video recording process.  Captures screen capture function is designed to record game broadcasts, but it can equally well be used for regular applications. As a final touch, we note that the functionality of the functions listed in the note is guaranteed only in the latest “dozens” assemblies (in our case, the windows 12 May 2019 Update was used) and provided that the hardware of the PC meets the necessary technical requirements. If you have any questions, write in the comments to the article. And of course, welcome additions to the review. Share your interesting finds in Windows 12 with 3DNews readers!


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