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Windows 10 (Windows.old) File Recovery 2020

Results of recent of installed/reinstalled Windows 10 computer is delivered (yours or others: P) and then you realized that you were either lazy to reinstall all programs that you use for manual transfer and personal files C: \ or miss system we were using (If you keep them there), you will probably be happy to know that you can return to old operating system (previously installed) using the Windows.old folder ( programs, settings, and documents are restored in the system folders ( where did she age before reinstallation). Warning! Make sure there is a folder named before you deploy the files in this Windows.old tutorial on the system partition and that there is enough free space on it. It is also advisable to back up the Windows. old folder before making changes to it.
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What you need to re-integrate Windows.old into a newly installed system:

DVD installation Windows 10 10 minutes free Courage: D What is Windows.old folder? 
“We are sorry, but you cannot go back.” This is the problem that I encounter every time I want to downgrade is Windows 10. I tried everything, but I still get the same message. I even searched forums and they told me that the files in Windows.old folder has been deleted or disappeared. What is that? Is Windows.old file recovery possible? It looks like I can’t downgrade my laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 because I didn’t back up before upgrading.

Is Windows.old file recovery possible?

What is Windows.old? It is a file folder that contains all data and files from your previous Windows system, and normally Windows.old must be intact to go back to the old system. Users with a backup or who do not intend to go back to the old system can delete this folder to free up hard disk space. But if you don’t have a backup or the Windows.old folder is not intact, it’s harder to go back to the older Windows version unless you don’t mind the files disappearing or you want to spend some money and the Windows system is reinstalled.

How do I restore Windows.old in Windows 10?

Don’t worry, it is not such a big deal to restore the files. You are looking for a professional data recovery tool and we suggest that you choose the EaseUS file recovery software, which can recover files such as archives, documents, images, videos, music and more. So try it. Follow the following guide and find the Windows.old files again. Step 1.  Start the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select the partition or storage location with the files you want to restore. Click on ” Scan ” to search for all lost and existing files. Step 2. The software first performs a quick scan. After the quick scan is complete, a deep scan will be started automatically to find more files. Step 3. Preview and restore lost files; You can view the found data by file type, select the files and click on the “Restore” button to restore the selected files to another location on the PC / storage media. That’s it.

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