Degree Symbol

The degree symbol and the upper power in ms word

The degree Celsius is a unit of measurement used to measure temperature . Its symbol is ° C . The ° sign means ”  degree  ” and the C signifies ”  Celsius  “. So 20 ° C means “twenty degrees Celsius”. You can also add a – in front of the number to signify that the temperature is lower than 0º C. The name comes from the Swedish scientist Anders Celsius who invented the temperature scale in degrees Celsius in 1742.

The upper o

We can use the upper case letter o in enumerations after a number as an abbreviation of prim o, secund o“,terti o, etc., which are the Latin adverbs meaning” first “,” second “,” third “, etc. The final o of the Latin adverb should not be used as an abbreviation for the ordinal numbers firstsecondthird which are written with a higher er or a higher e1 st ,2 nd or in Roman numerals I st ,IIe .

Degree Symbol

1 o = first = first = first
2 o = second
3 o = tertio
4 o = quarto
5 o = quinto
6 o = sexto
7 o = septimo
8 o = octavo
9 o = nono
10 o = decimo
11 o = undecimo
12 o = duodecimo

How to make degree symbol

To represent the small upper o , I used here the <sup><small>letTRE</small> </sup> encoding. This encoding makes it possible to respect the line spacing. Indeed, if we use the superscript or superscript function of a text editor, we obtain a displacement of the upper line. Let’s compare:

1 o = small letter o higher
1 0 = small zero higher
1 o = letter o by exposing
1 0 = zero by exposing
1 ° = symbol of degree

The exhibitor is slightly above the figure depending on the policies. The exponent function should be reserved for mathematical statements where the number denotes the power. The use of the degree symbol should be avoided because it does not allow the writing of plurals. Unfortunately, this symbol has often been used by default on typewriters. The small upper o also enters the following usual abbreviations:

f o  = folio, folios = f os
n o = number, n os = numbers
r o  = front
v o = back

We also find it for the abbreviations of book formats:

in-f o = in-folio
in-8 o = in-octavo
in-4 o = in-quarto

 The symbol of the degree

The usual abbreviations place the degree symbol on keyboard before the abbreviation of the name:
° = degree centigrade
° B = degree Baumé
° C = degree Celsius
° F = degree Fahrenheit
° R = degree Réaumur
° GL = degree Gay-Lussac

The number of the symbol is also separated by a space: 37 ° C. The temperature degrees can be followed by a comma: 37.8 ° C, that is to say “37 degrees 8 tenths”. The degree symbol of angle are not followed by a comma: angle of 36 ° 15 ‘, longitude of 45 ° 36’ 7 “. These measurements are read in degrees, minutes, seconds. The minutes and seconds of the angles are counted by sixtieths, but it is wrong to use in French the abbreviation of the minute and the second of angle for the hourly measurements: “Time of the winner: 1 h 4 ‘5” “. There was also the symbol of the third for the division of the second of angle: “36 ° 15 ’45” 7 “”. The degrees of alcohol are written: wine of 12 °, wine of 12 ° 5. These are percentages. The degree symbol is not an abbreviation and therefore does not take the plural mark, unlike the higher e for second etc. (which therefore gives the plural es higher) or higher o ( plural plural bones ). There is also the character “male ordinal indicator” (Unicode 00BA, used in Spanish), which is hardly recommended in careful French typography, because in some fonts, the glyph of this o appears underlined. The degree symbol has the Unicode code 00B0. Fore more information on degrees symbol you can visit here

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