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List of Best free firewalls for PC, Laptop 2020

If you have a wifi router, you probably already have a security measure in the form of a built-in hardware firewall. Additionally, you may have built-in software firewalls on your operating system, such as Windows Defender for Windows users. According to the recent Test Security 2019/2020 report, Windows is the most attacked operating system, so the built-in security makes sense.

However, these firewalls are not perfect and you may find that you need additional protection. And not just Windows users should be concerned. No operating system is immune to attacks, so no one should complain about the vulnerability of their Internet-connected devices.

BAKSHISH: Good anti-virus software will include a firewall as part of a wider range of security features. Browse our circles of the best common antivirus and best antivirus software for Mac.

Installing anti-virus software as well as an additional firewall is the best chance to keep your hardware free of malware. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to third-party software, or even pay a dime. We’ll cover every firewall in detail, but if you’re just looking for a quick list, these are the best free firewalls:

free firewall

Here is our list of the best free firewalls for 2020:

1. Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition

Sophos is a rising star in the cyber security industry and its excellent business security software is also available for home use. This security system is unusually sophisticated compared to standard firewall software. It’s not just a computer security system; it’s a network security system.

Given that most homes now run multi-use wifi networks, Sophos’s approach to cybersecurity coverage of the entire home is a concept that is far too late. Essentially, you get all the system security controls you would make for a business but for your home network.

Given that, there is a huge infrastructure requirement for this free firewall that can delay you. Sophos XG has its own operating system (OS) and when you install it on a computer, it deletes the existing OS and all software installed on that device. You won’t even be able to reinstall your Windows-compatible software after Sophos XG OS works. The host computer must have four cores and 6 GB of RAM.

If you have a backup computer, then this firewall option is light years ahead of the competition. It includes anti-malware software and gives you network security, connection privacy, and URL filtering. Within the network, you receive application control, intrusion prevention (IPS) and traffic shaping features. The console includes a network monitoring and reporting dashboard providing all the system management facilities that large companies use on their networks.

  1. Free ZoneAlarm Firewall

The free ZoneAlarm firewall is installed on Windows 7, 8, 9 and 10. This system has great extras, making it a good choice for home wifi networks and laptops that connect to the Internet in public. All you have to install is an Internet download link and an activation email.

The firewall includes “hidden mode” that protects your connections from hackers, includes identity protection services, and blocks malware. If you are in the US, you can call the victim recovery company for identity theft.

The software will add an extra layer of protection to your connections when you connect to wifi public hotspots and evaluate the security of your home wifi network to improve attack protection. It is automatically updated so you take advantage of an up-to-date threat protection database.

3. AVS firewall

The AVS brand is owned by Online Media Technologies Ltd. However, the company does not make firewall software easy to find on its website. You can also download it from Tucows or Softpedia among other free software distribution sites. This firewall works on all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10.

The firewall will block incoming contact requests and include other security measures. These include the ability to choose which applications on your computer can connect to the Internet and a security feature. The software keeps track of registry activity and blocks changes. This is a very important measure to protect against worms and persistent malware.

The AVS firewall provides browsing protection as well as system security. These measures include ad blocking and pop-ups, and parental controls. You can assign bandwidth usage restrictions to devices, applications, or programs.

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