How to download and convert music from YouTube

1. Converto – To download music from YouTube videos, you just need to insert a link to the video in Converto and click the “Convert” button. If desired, you can trim the track, correct the tags and select the file name and cover art.

2. OnlineVideoConverter – The OnlineVideoConverter service is just as simple, but has more settings. More than five audio formats are available, including MP3. There is a choice of sound quality and the ability to download both the entire track and its fragment. To do this, you can use the Download button or a QR code with a direct link to download.

3. y2mate – This converter allows you to download music from video in two ways. So, you can go to the service page and insert a link to the video. Or do not go anywhere at all and simply append pp characters between youtube and .com to the URL of the desired clip.

More Online Youtube to mp3 converters

4. YouTubmate – After inserting a link to the desired video, the YouTubmate service will analyze it almost instantly and offer to download youtube to mp3 it in one of the available formats. Among them, the familiar MP3 with a different bit rate, as well as M4A and WEBM. visit here

5. Youtomp3tube – The most minimal converter that allows you to download music from YouTube in just one click. All you need to do is add a link to the video, wait a couple of seconds and click the “Upload file” button. There are no settings, the audio is downloaded in its original quality.

Download music from YouTube using browser extensions

1. YouTube Video Downloader

This plugin is not available in extension stores and is installed from the official site. YouTube Video Downloader adds a download button to the YouTube player and allows you to download the audio track in one click.

To install the plugin in manual mode, you need to open the “Extensions” menu, enable the developer mode and select the installation option from a file or in unpacked form.

In Google Chrome and Vivaldi, this is done like this:

Follow the link below and download the version of the extension for Chrome.

In the browser, open the menu “Advanced Tools” → “Extensions” and turn on the toggle switch “Developer Mode”.

Click Download Unpacked Extension and specify the folder with the YouTube Video Downloader files.

In Opera, the process is slightly different:

Follow the link and download the version of the extension for Opera .

Open the menu “View” → “Extensions” and drag the downloaded file into the browser window.

Confirm the installation by clicking the “Yes, install” button.

Install for Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi →

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