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Google chrome new features for Pc and ios 2020

The latest version of Google Chrome (v79) is now available for computers and iOS devices; the new browser update incorporates new features in password security, anti- phishing functions, suspension of inactive tabs and tools for developers to create virtual reality content. However, for Android users, Chrome 79 is having errors on their devices, which led Google to stop the update on these.

What’s new in Chrome 79

The first novelty in the browser is the incorporation of a function that helps improve the security of your passwords; an option that was already working through an extension, but that Google decided to implement natively in Chrome. By having passwords synchronized, this feature allows Google to check if they have leaked on the web. This can be activated in the browser settings and would notify you when entering a page that has previously been notified as unsafe and in which the data of its users have been filtered. In addition, I would search the leaks to verify that your data is there or not and, later, suggest you make a change in your password. The second novelty is a protection tool against phishing or phishing; Chrome would verify that the webpage you are entering is not in the blacklist of malicious domains that it accumulates in a database called  Safe Browsing. The protection, they say, would be in real-time. That is, instant updates will be made of new malicious pages reported, a process that was performed every 30 minutes in the browser before the update. Chrome also offers extra protection in which it notifies the user if they are saving sensitive data such as passwords or credit card numbers on a site that may be potentially phishing.

google chrome

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Another novelty is the presence of a tool that freezes the tabs that are not being used and in this way saves the memory of the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) – in charge of processing the entire graphic section of the computer-, which would be used in vain. Also, a new interface was introduced that allows web page developers through the WebXR device API: a programming interface, creating immersive virtual reality experiences in Chrome, both for the mobile and for the computer. The idea of ​​Google is to start motivating the production of this type of content through your browser. “WebXR enables us a whole spectrum of immersive experiences; to use augmented reality, for virtual reality games and 360-degree movies. When using the new API, augmented reality reading reaches the web,” said a Google spokesperson.

Braking update on Android

Although according to Google data, the update was already made in 50 percent of phones with the Android operating system. Chrome version 79 stopped due to an error with the Android WebView – this is a native application of the operating system that allows the browser to play in applications that need it – which would be deleting user data from the applications that use it. The error report arose after some developers who used the WebView and the phone storage noticed that after the update download their users had lost a lot of data.

For now, it is recommended that if you have already done the browser update on your Android phone, uninstall the updates and keep the old version.

How to uninstall Chrome updates on Android?

First, go to settings. Then, look for the applications section. Select Google Chrome There you can check the version you have (the one that contains the error is 79.0.3945.79). If you already have it, press the uninstall updates option located in the upper right corner. 

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